Friday, November 13, 2009

welcome to the dog house.

that new cat that followed the other human home has become a real pain in my tail.  she thinks she's a dog.  each time my mom takes me out to pee, the fur-ocious feline follows us out there and takes a poop right in the middle of the wood chips!  and if she sees me run off into the huge backyard, she runs after me.  more like hops.  how ever does she get that high anyway?  now she's into climbing trees and just yesterday she learned how to jump up on the stove.  the humans got so mad cause they left a cheese burger in the pan and that crazy cat had eaten 1/3 of it by the time they caught her.  i guess in a sense i can say i rather admire her.  i wish I could get away with that. she's pretty clever.  all in all, i'm still trying to get used to being no longer an only child up in this house...but i guess there's room for another four-legged one.  after is rather comical to watch the humans get mad and chase the cat around the house slapping a giant dishtowel around after her!

Monday, November 2, 2009

and the award for most original goes to.....

ME!  Yay!  I won my first Howl-O-Ween costume contest over at Daisy Dog's blog!  Here is the link to my category.  I'm so grateful for the careful judging and consideration!  The winners get to select their favorite dog or kittie rescue to which a donation will be made on behalf of each of the winners from the three categories!  what a pawsomely fun way to celebrate howl-o-ween. 

i'd like to thank Daisy Dog, Dozer, Mango and Dennis, the fine and uber sophisticated panel of k-9 judges.  i'd like to thank my mom for taking the time to paint my body and keep me from smudging my makeup that day.  i'd also like to thank my mom for celebrating by letting me on the bed with her and the other human in what she calls a "happiness sandwhich".  yay!