Friday, December 24, 2010

Hey, doggie bloggie friends out there!  How many of you have your OWN Facebook profile?  My mom made me one a long time ago, but we've been too busy to keep up with it.  The good news is that now, we've been trying as we might to keep it going, especially now with our new adventures in the Poconos where my mom grew up.  So stay in touch and come "like" me!

Here's the link:  Albert E. Hairless on Facebook my friend on DogBook, the doggie community on Facebook and we can stay updated on our human's cell phones!
My DogBook Profile's cccccCOLD up here!'s freezing!
Well, fellow doggiez...I must say!  I don't know how you northern dogs do it!  I want to move back to California.  This stuff is the pits!  I try to go out and pee and poo all in one shot, but alas it is too cold.  I freeze my berries off.  Oh wait.  They got frozen off about five years ago.  Okay.  So I freeze my tail off.  But dang!  It's soooo cold and then my mom decided to laugh and pause for a photo opp before letting me in the house. is my new potty schedule:

1.  When mommy wakes up in the am:  PEE on dead trees that don't have leaves cause it's something called WINTER.
2.  In the afternoon: POOP in the neighbor's yard.  It's okay cause nobody lives there.
3.  In the early evening: PEE on the clothes line pole.  Mom says people here sometimes hang clothes on them.
4. Before bed: PEE a loooong pee and try to POOP.

It's working well for me, except I pooped in my Great Aunt Susan's house twice.  whoops.  She didn't get too mad though, because her doggie wears a diaper.

Mom...pleez open the door and let me back in where it's warm!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm a Yankee dog now!

Well the mountains are interesting so far!  First of mom is so unhappy that all she ever does is cry.  But my Great Grandpa is awesome!  He feeds me pepperoni and salami slices!  The only question I have is what is the deal with this cold weather and all of this white stuff on the ground?  brrrr!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Moving to the mountains.

My mom and I are going to be moving again.  She tells me there will be lots of snow and ice on the ground.  Brrrr...I'm getting goose-pimples on my hairless body just thinking about it!  She's not very happy.  She's been very sad.  I will miss all of my new furry friends here in Alabama.  I hope I will get to meet other fur-friends in the great North East!  Wish my mom and me luck!