Friday, December 24, 2010's cccccCOLD up here!'s freezing!
Well, fellow doggiez...I must say!  I don't know how you northern dogs do it!  I want to move back to California.  This stuff is the pits!  I try to go out and pee and poo all in one shot, but alas it is too cold.  I freeze my berries off.  Oh wait.  They got frozen off about five years ago.  Okay.  So I freeze my tail off.  But dang!  It's soooo cold and then my mom decided to laugh and pause for a photo opp before letting me in the house. is my new potty schedule:

1.  When mommy wakes up in the am:  PEE on dead trees that don't have leaves cause it's something called WINTER.
2.  In the afternoon: POOP in the neighbor's yard.  It's okay cause nobody lives there.
3.  In the early evening: PEE on the clothes line pole.  Mom says people here sometimes hang clothes on them.
4. Before bed: PEE a loooong pee and try to POOP.

It's working well for me, except I pooped in my Great Aunt Susan's house twice.  whoops.  She didn't get too mad though, because her doggie wears a diaper.

Mom...pleez open the door and let me back in where it's warm!

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