Monday, October 26, 2009

my life-long ambition...

     my mom has been telling me for a long time now that i'd be a very good therapy dog.  she said i could visit children's hospitals and retirement facilities.  this would be so much fun, but my mom keeps talking about it and can't find out how to start this.  she spends hours on the internet and all she finds is web sites where we can buy me a therapy dog outfit (yunno, so people will know i'm a therapy dog).  i like wearing clothes that make me look distinguished, and so this would make me look very important.  but we dont know how to get set up with the places to visit.  if any-dogy out their is currently a therapy dog, can you please give us some advice on how to start?  thanks.  it's my dream to be a therapy dog and help people feel better with my unique and hairless nature.

Albert E. Hairless

Friday, October 23, 2009

a dog's nose...



okay, so Daisy Dog is having a really kewl howl-o-ween costume contest.  there are some pretty big names up there on the judges panel.  i made a submission and i've got my paws crossed!  here is the foto i submitted of me in my Army costume.  let all the hairy dogs out there gush because no one could pull off a full-on camo paintjob the way a hairless dog can!  yeah!

wish me luck!

i'm sorry to all my blogging friends out there in doggie land for my disappearance.

yes.  i've been missing.  well no, not actually missing.  i've been all over actually.  but not on da computer.  okay.  here's what happened.  we got a cat.  just when i was happy to be the only child in the house, we have to get a cat!  ooooo..i'm so mad.  i mean...i get along pretty well with cats but this one is a YOUNG cat.  and it has too much energy and meowwws all the time...oooo i hate it!  it wont let me sleep!  then it tries to steal my food and always tries to rub up against me and even sit in my bed.  THAT is a no-no.  i can't allow some other critter to come in and just act like she owns the place! 

so...i've been busy teaching this youngster the rules of MY kingdom.  the rules are outlined as follows in this nice letter i've written to the cat:

dear annoying new cat,

here are some rules that will ensure your survival in this family:

1.  the only person to sleep in Albert's bed is Albert.
2.  the only person to eat out of Albert's food dish is Albert.
3.  when Albert is sitting up on the chair next to mom, cats are not ALLOWED to climb aboard.
4.  please don't mistake my mom's fingers for food.  she gets real upset.
5.  all meow-ing must stop by midnight, sharp.
6.  my tail is not a toy.  the humans provided you a scratch pad for that.
7.  cats are supposed to do their business in the litter box provided by humans.  they are NOT to follow Albert around the yard and try to do their business next to his.
8.  the computer keyboard is meant for the humans to type on and Albert.  no kitties allowed!  it messes up my blog posts before i have the chance to hit "publish".
9.  though shall not follow mom to the mailbox everyday.  that's Albert's job.
10.    while you must stay here, you're only job is to kill the insects that fly near me. 

and welcome to the family.  now remember, that i am boss.
Albert E. Hairless

Friday, October 9, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009


so i've been thinking about what to go as for howl-o-ween.  i keep askin mom to pleez let it be something warm so i dont have to freeze my tail off.  anyhow, she was thinking about me going as a pot roast.  i was afraid though that trick-or-treaters might get confused and not realize that i'm a dog and eat me by accident...nope, too dangerous i told her.  sides, it appears as if some other mutt came up with the idea first:

and he doesn't look very happy cause i think that other dog is trying to steal his carrots.'s getting chilly out there...i'm freezing my tail off!

i haven't posted in a few days.  i haven't made poopie outside in a few days neither.  it's been a busy weekend!  first, the yard humans came and dug up my yard.  don't they know that's MY job?  so, they laid hay down too, but at least they cut the grass all over and so now i can run faster...yipppeee! 

it's been getting chilly outside though lately and i dont like to poop out there when it rains, cause i'm from LA and dont really understand why water falls from the sky here yet.  but because its cold, mom started putting on my winter shirts cause i shiver all the time, yunno...bein' hairless an' all.  mom says i look like Waldo (whoever the heck he is) in my green and white striped shirt.  i think i look rather dashing, cause if it was a girlie shirt, i wouldn't let the cows across the street see me in it.  yunno...i got to look all tough when i go out to bark at them. 

anyhow, after the yard humans left, i had fun surveying my territory with the other human who lives with us. mom gets all camera happy each time he picks me up and snuggles me cause she says he lets on like he's not really into dogs that much.  but i know a secret cause he tells me all the time how much he loves me...shhhh.  don't tell. so mom took these pictures of me in my shirt with the other human.