Monday, October 5, 2009's getting chilly out there...i'm freezing my tail off!

i haven't posted in a few days.  i haven't made poopie outside in a few days neither.  it's been a busy weekend!  first, the yard humans came and dug up my yard.  don't they know that's MY job?  so, they laid hay down too, but at least they cut the grass all over and so now i can run faster...yipppeee! 

it's been getting chilly outside though lately and i dont like to poop out there when it rains, cause i'm from LA and dont really understand why water falls from the sky here yet.  but because its cold, mom started putting on my winter shirts cause i shiver all the time, yunno...bein' hairless an' all.  mom says i look like Waldo (whoever the heck he is) in my green and white striped shirt.  i think i look rather dashing, cause if it was a girlie shirt, i wouldn't let the cows across the street see me in it.  yunno...i got to look all tough when i go out to bark at them. 

anyhow, after the yard humans left, i had fun surveying my territory with the other human who lives with us. mom gets all camera happy each time he picks me up and snuggles me cause she says he lets on like he's not really into dogs that much.  but i know a secret cause he tells me all the time how much he loves me...shhhh.  don't tell. so mom took these pictures of me in my shirt with the other human.


  1. Oh Albert. Those are the CUTEST snuggle pictures of you! Mom says she wants to give you a big hug!

  2. hello there,

    mumster is back and thanks for visiting our's to my new friend whom i'll be following from now on....



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