Monday, October 26, 2009

my life-long ambition...

     my mom has been telling me for a long time now that i'd be a very good therapy dog.  she said i could visit children's hospitals and retirement facilities.  this would be so much fun, but my mom keeps talking about it and can't find out how to start this.  she spends hours on the internet and all she finds is web sites where we can buy me a therapy dog outfit (yunno, so people will know i'm a therapy dog).  i like wearing clothes that make me look distinguished, and so this would make me look very important.  but we dont know how to get set up with the places to visit.  if any-dogy out their is currently a therapy dog, can you please give us some advice on how to start?  thanks.  it's my dream to be a therapy dog and help people feel better with my unique and hairless nature.

Albert E. Hairless


  1. Hay! I doesn't knowed dat much cuz I is not therapee dawg, but mom knowed some internets hyomans who haz dem. She sed dis stuff mite helped you.
    I tinks dis is grayt idea, cuz you wud get snuggles from hyomans all da tiym. Sownds liyk best job dat der is. Gud luk!
    Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

  2. Hi Albert!
    I'm kind of new to your blog but I love reading it!
    I'm a service dog but before Mom got sick I was going to be a therapy dog. TDI (Therapy Dogs International) is a great resource.
    Delta Society also has a lot of good information:
    One of Mom's friends had her dog certified through Bright and Beautiful:

    There are also a lot of Therapy dogs on the Service & Therapy Dog forum on dogster:

    Do you have your CGC yet? Some organizations require it and it is great practice for being a therapy dog. You need to make sure you are scared of any of the hospital equipment or easily startled by jerky movements.
    Good luck! When Mom was in the hospital before I was her SD, therapy dogs made it so much better for her and Grandmom!

    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  3. Hey Albert! We are also aspiring to be a Therapy dog! We had to go gt our CGC certification from the AKC first. We passed that and then my leg got a hurtie and I had to have surgery, so we are waiting for that to heal real good before we look at the next level. Have you momma email my momma if you want!

  4. Hi again, I just found a blog for you too look at:

    This may answer some of your questions!
    Have fun!

  5. Also, mom sed you wuz gonna played da paw it forward gaym? Yay!! Cud you pleez mebbe sended my mom your living spot wer da mayl man wud bringed da pakaj? And mebbe telled mom too if u is alerjik to nommies or if you iz nommie monster liyk da NY Bully Bratz iz. Ok, heer is emayl: ashlee80134 at yahoo.
    Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg


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