Sunday, July 18, 2010

Looking rediculous as usual.

Now that my mom got a new cell phone with a 5 mp camera (whatever that means, but she wont stop talking about it) i am submitted to all kinds of picture-posing torture again.  Ugh.  Why cant she have 5 classes per week instead of 3. 

When she gets bored, she comes to find me.  Seriously, what goes through her head?  It must be something like this...

"Hmmm...bored today.  Think I'll take some pictures.  But what of?  I know!  Let's dress Albert upin something rediculous and make him pose for pictures!"

Really.  I mean, why does she get kicks out of humiliating me?

Passionately brought to you by Stacey via my Android phone.


  1. You too? Sarah (the person I am unfortunately forced to live with) dresses me up ALL the time. HATE!

  2. you do Not look ridiculous; you look adorable! mumster dresses me up all the time and i got used to it - her excuse is that i'm slippery bol!



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