Thursday, August 19, 2010

I moved again!

Things between the C-man and my mom didnt work out and so we moved to Alabama with some old friends of my mom from back when she grew up in PA.  I have a lot more fun now because its never quiet here and i have 2 new K-9 friends to romp around and play with.  The pug is just like me...and old fellow with a gray face who likes to lay around and sleep all day just like me.  The Doberman is another story.  He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but its cool cause that means i get to boss him around.

My mom does a lot of travelling during the week for school and she hates it, but theres always something for me to do and i like hanging out with the humans here and all of the dogs!  There are so many neighborhood dogs!  Im making so many friends!

The picture is of me and my mom during our 4 hour drive to Alabama from GA.  Joe picked us up in the big truck.  THAT was fun until he and my ma started singing at the top of their lungs to some band named after the state we are moving to.  Some people said they are from there.  Well thats just stupid.  Wheres the creativity in that?  I mean...maybe i should start a band named Los Angeles for that matter.  Nah.  I kid.  If i started a band it would be called Albert and the Critters.  Id hire a bunch of stupid Dobermans on backup vocals, cause theyll do just about anything i say!

Passionately brought to you from my Android phone.

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