Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Okay, for all of my doggy-bloggy pawpals out there who's parents have FaceBook, I'm excited to announce that FaceBook's DogBook apllication has the iPhone version too! So any of you who are on DogBook, let's hook up! For those of you who aren't...well you should sign up!


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  2. Hi Albert, my name is Zoë, I'm one of Jessica's doggies and my mommie finally gave me my own blog too (love reading yours and I wanted one of my own aswell). I justed joined your blog as a follower and I want to ask you if you would like to have a look at mine someday and if you like it join it.

    The link is: http://zoneofzoe.blogspot.com

    Look forward to reading and seeing more about your life.

    Paws up from Zoë!!!

  3. Thank you so much for joining my blog Albert! And thanks for telling me about dogs with blogs, I'll be sure to join that website aswell. I bet it sounds funny when your mom reads my blog in Dutch (or at leas it trying to, haha), Dutch is a difficult language. Oh and yes, my mommy is still penpalling. I bet she's gonna write letters again today, she's free from work this Sunday and that usually means "penpalling time", but I like it, I sit on her lap the whole afternoon and watch what she's doing (and she always has some good snacks on the table, so that's what making me stay too ofcourse). I hope you have a great Sunday!!!!

    Big Sunday Slobber from your new pal Zoë from the Netherlands.

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  5. I made a mistake after Dutch, it has to be "or at least is trying to", I'm sure you figured that out, but I wanted to correct it anyway, my paws are to big for those tiny keys :)


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