Monday, March 8, 2010

Life is a farm.

Okay. Well maybe I don't live on a farm. But the farm lives across from me. Mom said today in Georgia it was 73 out.

Ahhh...when she came home from school mom, the C-man and me all sat out on the back porch to enjoy the beautiful weather. The cows were squeaking (yes, sometimes cows squeak), the birds were doing their thing, and the sun felt good!


  1. Hi Albert, you can already sit outside overthere. Here it's still freezzzzzing! The sun does shine, but it's so cold. Have a great day! Hope you get to enjoy that sun some more!

    Big kiss from Zoë

  2. Do the cows need oil? Maybe they rusted after that long winter.

  3. I won an Award today HURRAY! And here's the BIG part..... I have chosen to pass it along to you. So come visit my today's post to get your Award and to see the rules. Have a GREAT DAY!

    Woofs from Zoë.

  4. Well consider me jealous - I lack a farm and won't see 70 degree weather for another two months!


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