Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tails from PA

Well, my mom and I are settling in as best we can in PA. Mom has been making a metal stick move dance in all kinds of loops through this fuzzy stuff she calls YARN. She has been working all night and day making things cause she has an Etsy shop now. I lay by her side all day long on the pillow next to her.

Here I am this afternoon all cozy on my moms snuggie.

These are my cool new food bowls. Mom said she scored them from Great Grandma. She says they are "VINTAGE".

So far it has been pretty boring here because of all this snow. There's not much for a hairless guy to do outside with all that freezing cold wind. I asked my mom today why we can't move back to California.

Well as for my moms YARN stuff...I am so relieved she hasn't made anything yet for dogs because then...

"oh Albert! What a wonderful idea!"

...then...I'll end up being the guinea pig who looks like a fool modeling the stuff. Shoot. Now I've gone and got her all excited again. Dang. Why do I open my mouth!

Here I am in my new winter coat.

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