Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lazy Spring Morning.

I love being cuddled up with my mom in bed. It's among my favorite pastimes! It's finally gotten hot here, so mom has been letting me run nekkid. Oh how I love the feel of the pillow and blankets and sheets on my bare skin!

They say we are going to get some bad storms today with floods. Boy am I glad I live on the top of a hill!

Some things that are new: we are moving again! Mom says her and her boy human are going to drive a big truck with all our stuff in it. We are going to stop where the President lives. Then we are going to see the C-man to get my moms music. I don't know what that means...why does he have all her music?

Then we are going to stop in Alabama to get moms motorcycle and things we had to temporarily leave behind when we moved to Pennsylvania.

Then we are going to stay in a new place I never heard of before. Mom says it's where Mardi-Grass is held and its where her boy human is from. I don't know what is Mardi-Grass exactly, but mom gets a real big smile on her face when she starts talking about it. Of course, it's not time for Mardi-Grass but mom sys there are other things we will do like listen to jazz music and visit old graveyards (but I'm not allowed to pee on tombstones, she says.) Mom says she will get to see where some Rice lady, who writes these sexy books that mom likes, used to live. And there are these critters mom has been freaking out about there that the people eat and mom is afraid they are going to try to make her eat. She said they are Craw Fish. Mom said she doesn't like the idea of eating something that has so many legs.

And then...we are finally going home! Mom and me are moving back to the city in California. I can't wait to get some sun again and see all of my old doggie friends and play at the dog beach again. Mom says we will live with a kitty cat who is bigger than me. Boy am I scared. I hope she is a nice kitty. Mom took a nice picture of her when she went to California a month ago. Here is the Kitty whose name is...none other than..."Kitty". Now where's the originality in that?

Mom has promised that we will blog from the road when we go on our trip. It should be fun. I wonder if she will let me drive? Is there a rule against dogs at the wheel with moving trucks?

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  1. Good luck with your move! Sounds like fun :)


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