Monday, January 25, 2010

I make old look good!

My mom and the other human moved us into this ultra big house. Well we moved from small spaces in the city. After all the stuff arrived in this big moving box with 18 wheels, we realized that there was suddenly more space than we knew what to do with. (wanna know the interesting thing? The guy who drove the big box on 18 wheels with our stuff all the way from California had a fun sidekick in the passenger seat who was a real show Collie).

Anyhow, grampa and grambma gave us some really cool old furniture. Mom calls them ANT-eeks. She went bananas like I do for my treats over this one blue chair with the paint falling off of it. She said Grampa says it's a Louis-the-(something or other) time piece.

Well I don't care if was a ANT-eek or not, it is now a Albert-E-Hairless timepiece cause not only is it soft and comfy...but I look dog-garned-good on it!

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