Friday, January 15, 2010

My paw got hurt

I don't know what happened really, but I kept having this itch and bother that made me wanna lick. And lick. And lick some more. Then I woke up one morning and I had to use only three of my legs to walk. Man that thing hurt so bad. Then my mom started to freak out. She put a gooey goo on it that was supposed to help but it only made it worse.

She kept saying I was gonna have to go to the *gulp* vet. I prayed, "please god in doggie heaven, let me get better". I even tried to run on it to show mom I was A-okay. But it started to get gookie and slimy and I knew she was ready to make the appointment.

Then a crazy thing happened. I got to go to gramma n grampa's house. Grampa E. is a real live doctor of the human kind and gramma E. is a real live edumacated nurse. Together with the help of my moms superb restraining techniques and the other human's strength,

I was sooner than later treated, dressed and wrapped up. I was perscribed antibiotics and had my dressings changed regularly and before you knew it, I was good as new, running around in all four paws again! I love my new gramparents. Because they must really love me to go through all the trouble. My mom says they're her heroes for takin care of her baby. Yep. That's me. My moms baby. What she doesn't realize is that she's human and I'm k-9 but shhh...what she doesn't know can't hurt her!


  1. I'm sorry to hear you got hurt, but good to know your feeling better, let mommy pamper you, okay.

  2. Oh no! Glad you're feeling better!!!

  3. Feel better soon! We won't tell your mom that you're a canine. Your secret is safe with us. :)

  4. Oh glad you paw is better! You look comfy in your jacket and scarf!


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