Monday, December 21, 2009

the fat man.

So, every year my mom gets this crazy idea that i need to sit on a big fat man's lap, all dressed in red, and begg for more treats.  he's okay n all.  he's got very soft white hands, and a nice fluffy chewtoy dangling from his chin!  this year, i decided to ask the "clause" for my own website...since momma told him i already have a blog.  he laughed at me!  well...paybacks can be deadly...i left him a fartsy present on his nice soft, red lap.

The first photo is courtesy of my mom's advancing photoshop skills.  she wasn't crazy about PetSmart's cardboard backdrop.

Everybody was making fun of me because I wore green.  They all said I should be wearing red.  But my mom and I are one step ahead of the rest.  We know that in red...I'd blend in with the fat guy.  Duh.

my mom was real impressed with PetSmart's volunteer services this year at the Santa boothe.  This woman was crazy!  She kept fixing and primping my sleeve!  Doesn't she know I'm a dog, and I'm supposed to have wrinkles?  This tickled my mom's fancy, and she had to take photos of my personal dress-room assistant experience.  Man...if this is what it takes to be in show business...

Here I am asking "the Clause" for my own website.

 Here I am going in for the big "chew" on the beard.  Okay...I lie.  I was going in for some smooches.  A little "kissing" up to SantaPaws before Christmas never hurt.  Does this make me gay? 

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