Friday, December 11, 2009's cold outside. usually gets pretty chilly in California by the beach this time of year, but i have NEVER experienced cold like this.  it's still pretty fun though.  mom brought my warm coats and jackets with us in the move, and it felt nice to run around today, while still feeling pretty warm.  with the cold air comes some new fragrances in the air...plenty of smells to keep my nose busy!  the chickens across the street don't wake us up anymore because they went away on a truck one day.  my mom was NOT happy about that.  she's vegetarian and stuff.  but now we have those pesky cows that i like to bark at and mom just adores.  she takes me over each morning to the fence line where they stand around like a bunch of heffers.(haha)  i tell them, "heffers, make sure you understand that this is MY side of the fence, and that is YOURS.  now you stay right there and eat your own grass!"  i swear i saw one of the large ones, fully engaged in chomping on a rather large mound of grass, actually roll his eyes at me!  the nerve of those heffers.

run for joy!

okay, can we go back inside now?

smells in the air.

hello post in the ground.  trip anyone lately?

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