Friday, December 11, 2009

one leg up for mom's christmas tree.

whew!  stand on hind legs, throw my front legs up in the air, and wave those paws like i just don't care...i  have been BEGGING my mom to log on for me!  but, nevertheless, she has been busy with something called finals?  she is happy when finals are over, but i say it sounds more like death.  you know..."FI-NAL"?

anyway...not much has been going on...well except for the day when my mom jumped up and down, flailing her arms around the house...doing some sort of christmas dance after she peered through the window one day to find our new tree on the porch.  well...that's what she said anyway.  a tree.  but to me, it looked like a long skinny cardboard box that i decided to welcome into our house by lifting my leg on it..yunno...the usual AL-BERT greeting.  "Welcome to my abode cardboard box...I mean...'tree'. "

So I sat on the staircase watching my mom unpack, one at a time, these prickly pieces from the cardboard box, placing one on top of eachother until all that building resembled a giant...well...tree!  The whole time, she plucked and bent the branches, singing along to stuff she must have been hearing through that square device she calls an EYE-PHONE (I don't know why, cause far as i know, it doesn't have eyes).

my mom did a pretty good job putting all that shiny stuff up on there, and right when she plugged it lit up real bright.  i sniffed while admiring the new addition from down at mom's feet and was about to christen it with my special little "Albert" touch, until mom spanked my behind, waved her finger at me, looked me straight in the eye and said..."don't you even think about peeing on my tree!" 

well...i guess that was that. 


  1. Cute! We stopped buying real trees years ago because the dogs would drink all the water in the tree stand. I'm assuming you have an artificial tree also, so maybe without the pine, earthy smell, Albert can refrain from raising his leg on your pretty tree! Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas, miss Belle! Contrare, it's new; therefore, I MUST mark it! But yes, my mom says she grew up with artificial trees all her life. It saves money, time and having to go out in the snow to chop one down. (she doesn't like being cold either) plus...for years we lived in California (where i was born), and the only place we could buy a real tree there was the parking lot at Home Depot. slim pickin's. fake tree it is!

  3. Uh-oh, thoughtcrime! Big Brother is watching you!


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