Sunday, December 13, 2009

helloooo, ladies!

My mom made a blog award for all of the ladies out there, just for being a girl!  We don't understand rules for awards just yet, so we don't have any rules attached to this award.  We just want to give it out to all of our "girlfriends" out there in doggie-bloggie world (and those who blog as themselves...human girls that is..).  So grab it up and post away to your blogs!  Happy Holidays my fabulous bitches!


  1. Hi Albert do you remember me, your Auntie Tabitha :). I am so happy to see you and your mommie happy. You both deserve it. I love your knew stomping grounds. A lot of territory to cover ha? But I know you'll make your mark and it will be known by all animal kingdoms ;).

    Love, auntie tabby

  2. Oh! I'm a girl so I will take it and put it up! thanks Albert!


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