Sunday, September 27, 2009

bulldogs, beer and baloney.

so i guess now that we moved to Georgia, i gotta bark for the home team, but that's okay cause they're the bulldogs and that's better than the tigers or the lions or anything else that could eat me.  the bulldogs are one of my own, yunno?  so my mom picked me up this really cool jersey to wear on saturdays when she and the other human sit on the couch, turn up the speakers really loud and drink that smelly stuff in the bottle that i tried once, and got tipsy, and kept fallin' all over my mom's lap.  whew!  i wont do THAT again.  mom said it was a lesson to teach me not to drink irresponsibly, so like many parents, she wanted to be the first to give me my first sip, yunno?  but that's okay, she wont have to worry cause though i liked it at first, it was too weird.  i dont know why the humans drink that stuff anyway, cause they act all goofy when they do but that's okay too cause mom lets me have more treats.  i think she forgets and loses count how many she gives me.  i specially like when people come over cause i get more treats then too cause mom likes me to show off my tricks.  ill do anything for a treat and i'm always learning new dance moves, even though i'm older, so that saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is just baloney.  ooo...that reminds me...i'm really hungry...gotta go bye.

here i am in photoshop with my new jersey on.


  1. Welcome to the BlogShpere! We would be happy to give you an award! Stay tuned for next Sunday and I will present you with at special Daisydog award for people who have rescued pets or help with rescue!! Oh and you can take the button that we had today too!

  2. daisy...i didn't know you are from Pasadena...i just moved here (Georgia) from Los Angeles with my mom. i was born in Long Beach. nice to meet a fellow Californian dawg!

  3. hello albert its dennis the vizsla dog hay i sined yore pawbuk so now we ar like pawbuk buddeez!!! ok bye

  4. This is a scream!!!! LOL Or should I say . . .



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