Friday, September 25, 2009

on being hairless and how i met my mom.

most people stop my mom and ask if i was always this hairless. funny, i never knew i was any different than every body else at the park. i wag my tail just the same. but mom says i'm special and rare and worth a lot of money even though my first human gave me up. he prefered to keep all the other dogs in our yard that were bigger, meaner and stole all my food. you can say i'm lucky to have found my mom (aside from the fact that the nice people who rescued me took me to the dr. first and when i woke up, i was missing something. okay two things.) but she gave me plenty of food which i didn't have to share with big bullies anymore, and i gained enough weight to look dashing again. i can't see any more bones when i look in the mirror! all i see is good-looking, handsome and charming ME! also, that nasty guy who i once called my human always called me Harry which i thought was mean, since it's clear i dont have any hair. so my new mom gave me a much more prestigious name, Albert after Albert Einstein. well of course it's fitting, because i'm very smart, you'll see.


  1. hello albert e hairless its dennis the vizsla dog hay i can tel yoo ar smart becuz yoo no how to yooze punktchooayshun and stuf like wot my brother tucker yoozes and he is pretty smart or so he keeps telling me!!! thanks for stopping by see yoo agin soon ok bye

  2. Thats a nice story. I am glad your mom rescued you, I am rescued too! So we have something in common! I will put a link to you on my site ok?

  3. thank you, Daisy...and thank you for helping me sniff my way around doggie bloggin' on the net! i will link you too!

    Albert E.

    p.s. your photo on the pawbook is HAWT!


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