Sunday, September 27, 2009

tough guys for us.

so my mom started making all kinds of funny sounds and jumping around the living room one day when she saw the previews on tv for this new show where tatooed motorcycle dudes crack down on the mean people out there who abuse us.  my mom doesn't look like a tough kind of chick, but people don't know what they're dealing with when they meet her.  she has a heart like those tough tatted dudes on tv.  anyhow, she couldn't wait for it to come on tv, and now she records it so she can watch it lots more.  i watch it with her just for the heck of it. 

but then i realized, this is so much better than animal cops.  that show makes mom cry a whole lot.  but this show is about justice too and getting even but also helping people who just dont understand about taking care of us non-humans.  and so i approve.  i like it.  it's a good show.  but mom really likes that Batso guy who's like 75 and full of tattoos and has a funny moustache.  but i like Big Ant.  cause he likes kitties and really teeny people like me.  well, i'm actually not teeny, but i'm not like a big pit bull like what Batso has.  but it's a good show, so all you dogs out there should watch.  maybe we can all get together and have like what the humans call a super bowl party (and now i know why they call it super bowl, cause there are so many bowls of food on the table that day) but instead it would be for us all to get together and play with chew toys while we watch this new show, Rescue Ink.


  1. My mom can't watch Animal Cops, either. We're glad people are out there to help the less fortunate, but we can't bear to watch it. Rescue Ink sounds like a cool show. We'll be checking that out.

    Thanks, Sparky

  2. hooray for a party! we can make all the humans go outside and watch us through the screen door

  3. but Nooter, it's B.Y.O.B. (bring your own bones.) i will have miscellaneous treats there and chew toys too.

  4. Not sure if I can watch it, I get so upset and angry when I see people who mistreat animals. I know that most of these stories prolly have happy endings, but the beginings are what make me cry.


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