Monday, September 28, 2009

yay! it's laundry day!

mom usually isn't quite so happy to do laundry, but i luv it!  my favorite time is right after she takes the clothes out of the big tumbly thing, she puts it in this big plastic thing with holes on the sides and i like to jump right in and sit on top of all the warm clothes!  mom gets upset if i hadn't had my bath yet and i do this cause she says i can stink up her hard work.  so she usually gives me a bath before she gives the clothes a bath, yunno?  well is a picture of me from a long time ago when we still lived in LA and mom got behind on the clothes and wahooo!  it was a good day for me!


  1. You and Tucker have the same mindset when it comes to laundry day ...

  2. cute pic! as long as you don't fall asleep IN the laundry pile and end up in the washer!!

  3. That looks like fun! We like to get on the laundry when mom is trying to fold them on the bed!

  4. ZOIKS! Colleen, that wud be bad!

    Daisy...can i come over and play on your bed? i can't jump high enough to get on my mom's. when she met the other human, he's got like this gi-GANTIC bed that looks more like a spaceship than something to fall asleep on!


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